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A picture and a thousand beautiful memories

Posted by on Feb 24, 2016

A picture and a thousand beautiful memories

Is there anything more beautiful in the world than when the moment that is important to you will always remain intact, not only in your memory, but also in your photo album? Do you remember the time when you needed to find a man who holds the camera, hidden behind a black sheath? Then you could not know how you look in the picture, but it was important that there is a “reminder” to the point that was very important to you. Even in a time of war, people wanted that we could see today in what kind of time they lived. Therefore, there are many documentaries in which you can see pictures from the war era.

Today’s technology has progressed a lot, and most of us keep all the pictures on our memory card, the telephone, the computer … It’s a rare thing today to see someone that still compiles images and sticks them in his album.

For great shots, you do not need a camera that was used at the beginning of the second millennium. Such a camera could be bought on every corner, and the interesting thing about it was that when you shot the picture could not be deleted. And we all must have had such a camera, and we were always beautiful in these pictures.

Today we live in a world where we have smart phones. They have excellent cameras and with the help of them, you can take a photo a million times until you get the image that you like. In addition, all phones have various effects for your image to achieve the desired color and atmosphere of the colors in the image. It may be an advantage today because everything you need is contained in a small phone which you carry with you always. But remember times when only certain people (photographers) had the right and the apparatus to make good pictures. If you plan on getting married in the continental United States, such as Florida, Texas maybe Arizona, than you can certainly get some amazing photography at your wedding, by incorporating heart shaped sparklers, they make some stunning images. Make sure you find a trained wedding photographer. You can also reachn out to large retailers such as Sparkler Superstore to for professional references. Do note, its recommended to book 30-60 days in advance, especially during the high season.

Even companies that were engaged in any work that was bound to produce images were in progress. Today, we can see only the abandoned shops because the production of images in today’s time almost “disappeared”.


In earlier times, people did not take pictures every day and there wasn’t Facebook or other social networks that would be suitable for posting photos. People have used cameras for their important moments in their lives. Therefore, perhaps it is a flaw of the modern age we have lost in the maelstrom of new technologies.

Is there anything better in the world than 20 years ago to look at the photo album and watch these beautiful pictures? Do you feel like you are experiencing all these memories again? The pictures are a little treasure of every man, which he keeps just for himself and only he can live many times the very same story. Photography has taken the world by storm, with the development of numerous technologies . Don’t get left out, use all the available tools.

Therefore, let us not allow ourselves to be swallowed by technology – but resists and keep our photo album safe even at least at the top of our closet to collect the dust. Sooner or later, we will open it and have reminiscence of the great times.

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